Help! Comparing Percy Jackson and Cinderella?

I have an essay due soon in class and the assignment is to pick a movie that can be related with the Cinderella archetype. I picked Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lighting Thief. I wrote a rough draft but it's not looking so good. Can anyone give me some ideas or what I should write about in the three body paragraphs. Oh and if it helps my thesis is "Our culture is driven by unrealistic fairy tale dreams and stories such as those of Cinderella and Percy Jackson."

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  1. prejudicialness says:

    You could show how both worlds involve magic, magic doesn’t solve all their problems and both live in a universe somewhat parallel to ours. I have read all Percy Jackson, and would like to point out that Harry Potter would also be a great series for this thesis, if you are familiar with the series. I wish I could get this paper! It would be great! Anyway, hope I could help! (and you should read Harry Potter if you haven’t. As great as Percy Jackson is, Harry Potter is better in my opinion). just out of curiosity, what grade are you in?