How can I relate Antigone to Women’s rights?

For my essay I have to add an allusion to Antigone, the Crucible, Salem Falls, Doubt (a movie about nuns), or Julius Caesar. In one paragraph I discuss women's rights and African American rights. How can I allude to one of those stories in one of these topics?

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  1. swounded says:

    Antigone is a strong believer in doing right by the God’s law, she deceives man’s law in order to stand by her family. (Kind of hypocritical about how she disobey’s her uncle’s law in order to stand by her family even though her uncle’s her family). Antigone stands up to Creon because she doesn’t believe in the unruliness of his ways. Creon constantly uses the word, “woman,” in a demeaning use and Antigone shows him that she can be just as wrathful as him. Antigone believes that family is more important than the law.