Could i get into wake forest?

the one im trying most for is wake forest university. they're a test optional school that places a lot of weight on essays, and has an average accepted gpa of a 3.67 unweighted. im ending my junior year of high school soon and im going to be applying early decision soon where like i send in my transcripts right at the end of junior year and i found out by like july or so. so yeah here's my stats: im a white female from illinois, and i'll be applying early decision and i wont have to apply for financial aid. i go to a well known college prep school in downtown chicago. i have an unweighted career gpa of a 3.3 (its bad i know, but keep in mind its a tough school and thats unweighted) but i had a current gpa in junior year of a 3.65, so i really worked my *** off this year. i have a kick *** personal statement and i got a 29 on the act. freshmen year i took: chem honors, english 1 honors, world history honors, geometry honors, journalism, and spanish 3. sophomore year i took biology honors, art history, english 2 honors, spanish 4, algebra II. and this junior year im taking AP chem, AP us history, spanish 5 honors, pre-calc, polysci, english 3 honors. i've been on varisty girls soccer since freshmen year, model un, mock trial, im an editor on the yearbook, and i do a lot of community service. i know my gpa is not that great because i really ****** up freshmen year. but do you think i have a chance at wake forest?

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3 Responses to “Could i get into wake forest?”

  1. autovaccination says:

    yes, you have a decent chance at wake. Good Luck! Winston-Salem is a great city and WFU is beautiful, I love it there!

  2. cosentin says:

    yeah you have a decent chance

  3. grueller says:

    I would say definitely! Great job with the 29 on your ACT I did horrible… lol