What were peoples reactions when women got their rights in 1920?

I'm doing a history essay on womens rights, and one of the things im writing about in it is peoples reactions and how they treated women after they got the right to vote, etc.I tried googling it but, not much came up for what im looking forCan anyone tell me what the reaction was or link me some websites where i can find what i want?Thanks in advance

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  1. creepin says:

    They didn’t get their “rights” in the 1920s. They got their right to vote. Big difference. I don’t think many were happy. Try Googling the Women’s Suffrage Movement.”

  2. wireing says:

    Ron Burgundy and a bunch of other newspeople protested.

  3. pegeen says:

    I assume you mean when the 19th Amendment passed, giving women voting rights. We got no other rights in 1920.The sites below have some information that you may find helpful, especially the first two. Do check out the argument made at the third site for repeal of the 19th Amendment. When you get to the site on Elizabeth Cady Stanton, read it through; take not of her goals, which far exceeded voting rights, and notice that many of them took decades to even begin to become part of the social fabric and that some are not yet fully woven in. At the ERA site, read the full text (it’s very short) and the arguments for and against it.The information at these sites is pretty general. For more specific info, you may need to log off and go to the periodical archives in a good library or a newspaper morgue (archive). A search of local and major newspaper and magazine articles from the ’20s and ’30s should turn up instances of local scandals and outrage in crime reports, editorials, letters to the editor, other op-ed page pieces. And it is possible that the library has diaries, journals, and letters from the period you are researching. A reference librarian can get you started. If there is a college or university near you with a Women’s Studies program, ask an instructor to recommend additional sources. You might look at popular books from the period, and perhaps some reviews of them, to see how women were portrayed, what sorts of behavior were penalized or rewarded, and how. Perhaps there is a museum or historical society that pertains to the women of your state? Also labor union archives or university departments that cover the history of labor movements. For that matter, look at university admissions. And finally, see if you can find some very old folks to interview. Obviously the suffragists themselves are long dead, but there are surviving children and grandchildren available who remember stories, and who can talk about their own lives in the ’30s and later decades. Don’t neglect male sources; I had a neighbor in the ’80s who loved to brag about how he and his work colleagues forced women out of the workplace and back to their homes where they belonged after WWII… his wife agreed with him, and volunteered that she thought the country started on the road to perdition when women got the vote! [external link] … [external link] … [external link] … [external link] … [external link]

  4. algefacient says:

    Look up the Seneca Falls convention. That should help a lot!I studied the unit last year, and we learned a lot about this particular convention. I think you could possibly make your essay focused on this topic. Check with your teacher first though.