What are my chances of getting into Columbia…?

I am applying to Columbia's Fu Foundation of Engineering College....SAT Scores: 620-Critical Reading 720-Math 610-Writing....ACT Scores: 35-math 29-reading 33-writing (10 on the essay) 35-Science 33-composite....4.0+ GPA (currently around a 103 weighted at my school)...I am ranked first in a class of 266....I have/am taking AP USH, AP Calculus AB, AP Economics, AP Chemistry...I am actively invovled in the community and have contributed over 150 hours of community serivice the past year...I am the president of Nation honor Society, Spanish Club, Math Club, and Photography Club....I play soccer and tennis....My college essay was very unique and i wrote it as a comparison between myself and my ukulele (which i play)...I am white...Let me know you thoughts (THANK YOU!) :)

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3 Responses to “What are my chances of getting into Columbia…?”

  1. laureano says:

    Your numbers and activities are similar to thousands of other applicants wanting to go to Columbia. Columbia accepts only about 10% of applicants every year, so you really need to make yourself stand out. I would say that you have a chance, but it’s a small one.Sorry to be harsh, but I had scores and activities around yours and I didn’t get in to Columbia (I applied for engineering).

  2. sacinar says:

    pretty good except for the SAT scores…I will guess that your math score is on the low end for sure, and that’s the more important one for engineering. I think your essay will be the determining factor. there are a lot of valedictorians applying to the Ivies and you’ll be one of them. you all look the same and you’d best keep your fingers crossed you are unique enough. they don’t want a class of pure superachievers, but a great mix of them…..

  3. epiderm says:

    You have the overall package that compensates for your SAT scores. You have a pretty good chance. Good luck.