Nature is our best teacher essay?

Check these out, to give you an idea : [external link] …Once you've read through a few, make your own list of points that you'd like to incorporate & elaborate on. Also try to think for yourself, how & what You have learnt from nature during the course of your life.Trees, animals, birds, seasons, tides, planets, solar system, cosmos, insects, flowers, .....all teach us something; we only need to see/feel it. Think of qualities & values that you may have imbibed through nature eg. perseverance, teamwork, altruism, survival of the fittest, etc. etc. Hope this helps :-)

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    I am a retired teacher and would like to help. but a lot depends on what grade you are in. When you post questions like this, try to include as much detail as you can OK? you will get better answers for yourself