Is this considered an essay? CONFUSED?

The Stuffed animal that once meant a lot to me When I was a little girl , my choice of the perfect present would always have to be a cute stuffed animal . I absolutely loved stuffed animals, I found them so cute and I can always tell my secrets to them and I was positive that they would always keep it. When I was in the fifth grade one of my best friends, that I loved dearly was leaving to Palestine forever, her name was Dima. Dima was a very sweet girl and very funny in so many ways. I was very upset when she told the whole class that she was leaving in June. I still remember the day she had told us which was on April 5, 2009. I didnt even want to imagine what my life would be like if Dima wasnt there with me, she was the person that I could tell my secrets too and what not. Dima always kept the secrets I told her, well most of the time. Dima told me that she will get me a special present that I could tell me secrets too when shes not with me. I was very excited to know what that special present would be , every night i thought of so many different toys in my mind, after all i was a kid.The week before Dima left, she came to school with a bag, that had the special toy in it. I couldnt wait till the dismissal bell rang , which was when Dima said she will give to me. In every class I waited anxiously and patiently asking myself the same question over and over, (when the home time bell will ring)! As soon as the dismissal bell rang , Dima and I ran rapidly but slowly when we saw teachers pass by.We ran to the lockers , where the present was. She gave me the present in my hand and I was so thrilled. So many questions were in my head that day ( What could it be ? ) I didnt want to wait until I got home, so I opened the present the minute she gave it in my hand but before she did i gave her a big hug then opened the present. I dont know why but i was very nervous yet excited at the same time . I opened the present and it ended be the cutest stuffed panda ever ! I absolutely loved it ! I gave Dima a big hug ( again ) and a gift before she left but I told her to open it when she got home . Like the cute little girl she was she did exactly what I said. I knew I was going to miss her but I also knew that I will always keep the gift she had given to me. Everynight when I wanted to tell Dima a secret I just snuggled up with the panda that she had given to me and told the panda the secrets . I never thought of it as just a ball of fabric but a great friend, the best listener and secret keeper out there. Puddy, which was the name I had given to my panda, barely even lasted a year. I myself was surprised that it even lasted a year, when u got five kids in the house things are almost impossible to keep safe and out of reach of my crazy sisters. It was a gloomy night when Puddy was no longer with me. My dad asked me to go shopping with him, just the two of us and of course I went along. I thought of bringing Puddy but my dad told me to leave her at home, which was a dreadful mistake . I came back home with lots of bags that had lots of new outfits. But when my sister Hala gave me a weird look I knew something had happened I asked her but she didnt answer me , so i went upstairs to show Puddy the new clothes I bought. When I opened my room door I immediately glimpsed the room, I realized right that moment that my sister did something to it cause she always got mad because I went everywhere with it and apparently I bothered her with it. I went downstairs and started yelling and asking where it was. She told me that she had thrown it in the garbage and the garbage truck already came and took it . I was so upset with her I asked her why she had done that and she replied with a selfish look on her face saying "It bothered her ". I was so upset but later on I forgave her but until this day I regret not taking my special little Puddy along with me.

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4 Responses to “Is this considered an essay? CONFUSED?”

  1. ttenrab says:

    I guess you could call it an essay about your stuffed animal, but it is really more like a short story.

  2. enidata says:

    Mmmm.. not really… look up essay formats on google.

  3. rewired says:

    Not really, because essays usually have introductions and conclusions as well as body paragraphs. All you need to do to make is an essay is maybe for the conclusion make a new paragraph talking a bit more about have you felt/feel about losing it. Your introduction is perfect! Maybe just talk a little more about Dima in a new paragraph. Good Luck! :)

  4. weaapon says:

    An essay consists of and Introduction, Thesis statement, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. This is a short story because although it has an introduction and a conclusion, it does not have three body paragraphs and a thesis statement.This site may help you write an essay- [external link] luck with your essay :)