What is the correct way to continue a subject in another paragraph?

I am writing an essay over the Epic Hero qualities that Odysseus, from the Odyssey shares. I have reached the subject of Odysseus being on bad terms with the supernatural and have written eight sentences, making a paragraph, about Polyphemus. I wish to continue writing about other members of the supernatural but I am not sure if it would be correct to start another paragraph. Help is appreciated.

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  1. languages says:

    YES…since u are writing on a DIFFERENT aspect of the same subject you can change paragraphs…(maybe u could give us a sample?)

  2. mclucas says:

    The first consideration is whether or not talk about other members of the supernatural adds to or distracts from your main theme.If it adds to it and you need several sentences, then you need another paragraph.Phrases like “Also…”, or “In addition…” or “Another one of the Greek gods who acted on Odysseus…” allow you to continue the larger thought while adding the details about a new member of the supernatural, but only if talk about this god adds to your main theme.In other words, the first sentence of the new paragraph (sub-subject) must show how the discussion of this god IS connected to your subject.I hope this guidance is clear. And, I wish you well on your ambitious topic.

  3. dalight says:

    You probably should start a new paragraph. If there is no easy to follow connection from one paragraph to the next use a noun from the last sentence in the first paragraph in the first sentence of the second paragraph.Paragraphs written this way either are forced to have continuity or have, at least, the illusion of it.