Does anyone have a copy of “Blindness” by Jorge Luis Borges?

It is an essay called Blindness by Jorge Luis Borges. I have an AP test on it tomorrow and my teacher said I could probably find a copy of it online somewhere but I can't anywhere! If anyone does it would be greatly appreciated! Please help! Thanks!

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One Response to “Does anyone have a copy of “Blindness” by Jorge Luis Borges?”

  1. unavouchableness says:

    I’m afraid you’ve left this rather late. I don’t know of such an essay by Borges. And it would probably be copyright protected, so if it were on line you’d have to pay to read it. Are you sure you don’t mean the novel, Blindness by Jose Saramago? Again, you’re not going to find it for free on line, and you wouldn’t have time to read it for an exam tomorrow.