Discuss problems of conducting research into the causes of stress?

Need help with psychology essay.Studies to use: kanner, johansson, and Geer and maisel

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    i read an article about the humane human condition,and they did a study with 2 rats in a set space.they lived in harmony.as they added more rats to that same space the harmony reduced.and so on,they continued adding,and adding.the result at some point there was no harmony.fighting over space,food the opposite sex until fighting became normal.the stress was caused by living in unnatureal conditions .in the human nature is much the same.people stuck in rush hour,late for a train,in a highrise office,in a cubical,crowded parks during holliday not only the crowded conditions in some pocketsof the country, but also the lack of differences,everyone goes to the grocery in an almost ritualistic manner,and everyone cuts there grass on saturday,and so on and so forth.and the wheels on the bus go round and round.2+2 stress.hope i helped.peace .