Which of the following is least likely to dissolve in the polar solvent water? oil salt sugar ethanol?

Which of the following is least likely to dissolve in the polar solvent water?oilsaltsugarethanolQuestion 2 (Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)If 3.2 moles of NaCl are dissolved in enough water to make a 0.98-liter solution, what is the molarity of the solution?0.31 M NaCl0.77 M NaCl1.3 M NaCl3.3 M NaClQuestion 3 (Essay Worth 4 points)What would be the resulting molarity of a solution made by dissolving 31.3 grams of Ca(OH)2 in enough water to make a 1050-milliliter solution? Show all of the work needed to solve this problem.Question 4 (Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)Which of the following changes will decrease the total amount of gaseous solute able to be dissolved in a liter of liquid water?increasing temperatureincreasing pressuredecreasing surface areadecreasing temperatureQuestion 5 (Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)If 25.8 grams of BaO dissolve in enough water to make a 212-gram solution, what is the percent by mass of the solution?8.22% BaO8.92% BaO10.8% BaO12.2% BaOQuestion 6 (Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)If 35.8 grams of LiCl are dissolved in 184 grams of water, what is the concentration of the solution in percent by mass?5.14% LiCl16.3% LiCl19.5% LiCl24.2% LiClQuestion 7 (Essay Worth 3 points)Describe, in your own words, why sugar will dissolve faster in hot tea than it will in cold tea. Be specific in your explanation.Question 8 (Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)Why is the ionic compound NaCl (table salt) able to dissolve in a glass of the molecular compound water (H2O)?Both the solute and solvent contain ionic bonding, which makes them compatible.The solute and solvent react together to form a new compound.Ions from the solute have a strong attraction to the polar solvent molecules.It does not require much energy to break the covalent bonds in the water molecules.

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    1. oil 2. 3.3 M3. 0.403 M’4.decrease temperature 5. Don’t see correct answer in the choices6. 19.5%7. Increased molecular kinetics –> increase molecular interaction rates8. Ions from the solute….