How many words does this essay has? please tell me?

"People have not found meaning in their lives so they are running all the time looking for it" In the book Tuesday with Morrie, Morrie tells us that many people are chasing the wrong thing. They rather go after someone else dreams instead of reaching their own. Whether it is a personal choice or whether their lives force them to make such a decisions. Do not stop dreaming and shoot for your goals, because that dream might come true one day. Never know what life might throw at you, one day you’re just a normal person doing normal things. The next day you might become famous for something that you’ve done. Keep your goal in mind and don’t give up!Without love we are birds without wings, love is part of our lives. Love is everywhere no matter if you are trying to hide from it or not, it will come to you. Without love the people in the world would be useless just like fly less birds, trapped in their own shadows. No one would care for each other, and there will be a lot of wars and killing. There will not be such things as falling in love and getting married. Learn how to love and except the love from the people around you is a good way to start your life. Do not stop your lives just because something is too hard or too difficult. Life can be hard sometimes, I speak with experiences. Life can throw many hardships and obstacles at you but what you make of it is what’s important. You learn from your mistakes and make the life much better than before. Each person in this world plays many parts of each other lives, and have many roles. For example; a husband can play a role as a dad, or maybe and uncle or even someone’s hero. Everyone have their important in life. In our world many people only think of their self’s first. We have to learn how to put ourselves in other people’s situation and feel how they feel before we prejudge them. Prejudging is a bad way to make your life happy, because prejudging will only lead to problems and misunderstanding. Death will come sooner or later, if you except death then you will have a happier life. You will learn to help the weak and learn to spend your time wisely. Most people out there are spending their time with useless things, because they think that their life is still long. They don’t know that their life is short until they become sick. Adults were once babies, teachers were once students, and parents were once children themselves. No one was born to be an adult right away, part of growing up is learning to adapt to your environment and people. "They have their exits and their entrances" a poem called All the world’s a stage by William Shakespeare. What he is trying to say is that everyone must go through a process; you are born. You grow old and die. Everyone knows that they will die no matter what but they don’t want to believe it, maybe because they do not have the time to think about it. In the end there is only one choice, which is to live your life to its fullest! And do not do anything thing that you will look back and regrets. Because you never know when you are going to die, it might be tomorrow. People take life for granted and don’t think about what is in the future. They only think about what is here and now, and that is not good. So in conclusion do not miss out on anything, help others and think about what you have. Don’t give up!

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  1. richardo says:

    630. Just copy and paste, or write your essay in word and it should count the words on the bottom of the screen.

  2. wachtel says:

    630 WordsYou can go on Microsoft Word.Click Tools2nd one from the Top is WORD COUNT. Tells you how many words! =]