Has David Suzuki created/invented anything to make the world more environmentally friendly?

I know David Suzuki created the David Suzuki foundation which supports research on climate, fixing the economy, protecting nature, and building communitys and hes also invested in building schools. but has invented anything environmentally friendly to help carbon footprints and such.. like an energy saving light bulb and such? i need to know for a school essay. if you have any links to websites that could help ( besides wiki or the foundation website and the schooling one also) it would be great!

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2 Responses to “Has David Suzuki created/invented anything to make the world more environmentally friendly?”

  1. dlasher says:

    He created a daughter that gave one of the most moving and powerful speeches of our time!Severn Suzuki speech at UN Earth Summit 1992 Tell the World [external link] …That should help :) Other than that, technological inventions, I don’t think so.

  2. grammel says:

    I believe all he has created is awareness, but that has made the world more environmentally friendly.