Should i take GCSE Drama?

I have chosen History, Latin, Russian and Psychology for my GCSE options, but i don't want to do all academic subjects, and i think that psychology GCSE won't really get me anywhere, so I'm thinking about doing a fun subject like Drama, or a more academic but still more useful and psychology subject - Classics (i might take classics or history A level). Still, I'm Polish and i have an accent, but so far i have been getting A* for Drama, i really enjoy it, but should i take it to not have to do as many essay, boring subjects and do something creative, or go with classical civilization that i have never done before but sounds interesting? I like Drama, but I'm not sure I will be good enough with my accent, and with the other Drama students being really into Drama and going to all these clubs, i feel like i might be that loser who can't act. I have been thinking about this for a long time and I can't decide, what are the reasons to or not to take Drama?

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  1. andiroba says:

    thanks for answering my question! id say go for drama.. it will give you an outlet to relax and something to have fun with and you dont know if youre good enough untill you try right?