Maths gcse question HELP!?

the length of a ladder L is measured at 6.45 meters, correct to the nearest cm.the ladder leans against a wall and reaches to a height, h of 5 meters, measured to the nearest cm.the angle of inclination a, of the ladder to the horizontal ground can be found using the formula -sin a = h/Lwork out the upper bound of the value of sin a.give the answer to an appropriate degree of accuracy.its a 4 mark question! sorry for the essay! but any help would be fab, as i dont understand how to tackle it!thanks in advance.

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  1. starvedly says:

    The upper bound for a fraction uses the highest possible value for the top and the lowest possible value for the bottom. Answers given to the nearest cm can be 0.5 cm = 0.005 m more or less. In this case that issinA = 5.005 / 6.445 = 0.7766 (4 d. p.)EDIT. It could be argued that four decimal places is too much and so 0.777 or 0.78 but it is a matter of opinion.

  2. cot says:

    this is how it should be done…First change the metres into cm (500cm and 645cm)Find the upper bound of h= 500.5cmNext find the lower bound of L= 644.5cmTherefore 500.5/644.5 = 0.777 (appropriate degree of accuracy basically means a suitable number of figures)If u then want to find the actual angle of incline:The opposite of sin is sin inverse so, sin inverse 0.777sin-1(0.777)= 50.7°

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