I need help with this essay!?

Hey guys,I have an essay due for tommorow and I need some ideas! It's a personal essay and I have to write about an animal. The question is "if you were an animal what would you be and why?" I chose to be a cheetah or a tiger because they are kinda fast and I like fast animals and I also do sprinting myself so that kinda explains it...but I don't really know how to start it and end it. If anyone can give me tips or better, write one for me I will be obliged and make it the best answer! Thanks!

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  1. excretitious says:

    First start with a hook to tie your readers in and make it exciting as you can. Next have a connector and connect your topic with your ideas. Thirdly have a thesis statement, which is basically explaining your answer and the answers you have are a paragraph per answer. (that would be the first paragraph)For the second paragraph had a topic sentence basically describing your answer and talking about it. Have an analysis And at the end of your last paragraph end with repharsing your prompt. End also with a proving statement, like it’s your time to say I told you so, to prove your reasonings : hope this helped

  2. harizat says:

    You can sayIf I had to be a animal I would be a chettah or tiger because………As I went through the jungle rarw as I felt the wet jungle floor between my claws I am a Tiger the jungles most beautiful creatures alive …. .

  3. riegger says:

    I live in a rooftop here in Sao Paulo,and sometimes I spend almost an hour watching (and envying at the same time ) how free and easy seems the life of pigeons who come to rest/sleep/flirt/eat in the top of the next building.They have food and housing everytime,everywhere they want.You wake up in the top of the city (any building,at your choice),goes roaming around until you get hungry and stop at a hotdog stand for crumbs or anything people let fall down or throw at you.Tired of the same city?Pack your feathers and let’s have a fly over Rio! A better life than this? You could start it out like that but instead in a version of an cheetah or a tiger, good luck(;

  4. papacy says:

    this is a very common issue today if you look around the world people are gready selfesh harmfull hard to trust and by looking at the mess made by humans for a minut you think what if i was an animal yes that would be great then i don’t have to go school, university office work no worries at all thats why i would like to be a lion . Lion is the king of jungle .the thing i like about lions is that they are very sensative about there family,they are good hunters …………. i can go on and on but i don’t know if you like it .

  5. mounter says:

    Start off with something like.. Have you ever felt the wind rushing around you while you ran as fast as you could barely being able to keep your mind straight? Well imagine being a cheetah. A good hook beginning is what teachers look for.