Help with topics for my long term Biology photoessay/paper?

I have to create a combination photoessay/term paper by the end of the year....the project's premise is to compose a project addressing a global biological or health problem...the only problem is i'm having some trouble coming up with ideas for my project..... Any ideas out there?thanks!

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  1. Fissipeda says:

    Well, the biggies are global warming, which will push species out of their target zones, resulting in huge diasporas and loss of habitat. Similiarly, human encrouchment is also taking a significant toll on wildlife, world-wide. Population is also a global issue. Health issues run the gamut from infectious disease, to heart disease, to cancer. Infectious diseases are more treatable, the global AIDS epidemic comes to mind. Also bird flu (avian H5N1 virus) is threatening a mass pandemic. There is no shortage of topics, but everything described above is so broad, you need to really think and define your problem so you can get a decent paper on it which is not to broad and deals with scientific facts. You should definately discuss with your teacher and figure out what they have in mind, and see what they think of whatever topic you choose (seriously, do this, it’s very important to see eye to eye on this, otherwise you could get a very bad grade if you don’t do what they want).