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1. A statement that refers to specific details in the work. General Rational Specific Particular2. A type of writing that appeals to one's emotions, one's sense of right and wrong, and one's sense of reasonability. Compare and Contrast Narrative Persuasive Expository3. A myth is best considered a traditional story of proven events that serves to explain a particular belief. True False 4. Check all that apply. What is true of the thesis statement? It can only be found in the beginning of the sentence. It reveals the subject or main idea of the essay. It can be found anywhere in the paragraph. It must always be factual.5. One thing pictured as if it were something else, suggesting a likeness between them; (2) an implicit comparison or identification of one thing with another unlike itself without the use of a verbal signal Simile Metaphor Analogy Personification6. Drama, to the Greeks, actually began as a religious worship to Dionysus. True False 7. Flood myths can best be described as a reminder of the destruction the gods can unleash if provoked. True False 8. What is a recurring pattern of character, symbol, or situation found in the mythology, religion, and stories of all cultures? Alliteration Archetype Illusion Theme9. The attitude that the author (through the work) has toward its subject or main idea. Theme Tone Syntax Dialogue Voice

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    ParticularCompare and contrastTrueIt reveals the subject or main idea of the essay.It must always be factual.SimileFalseTrueThemeTone