In “Spanglish” (w’ Adam Sandler) why does “Flor” quit at the end ‘?

take her daughter out of the private school? I think she quit b/c she had fallen for "John" (Sandler) & couldn't be around him b/c of her feelings & she took her daughter out of the school b/c she didn't want to face the Clasky's again & didn't want her daughter to forget who she was. Am I Wrong? I guess we're supposed to assume her daughter Christina gets the Princeton Scholarship with her outstanding essay!Am I wrong?

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4 Responses to “In “Spanglish” (w’ Adam Sandler) why does “Flor” quit at the end ‘?”

  1. terebration says:

    I have very mixed feeling about that movie. There was some rock solid performances, and James L. Brooks has been nominated for an Oscar for writing three times (one win). But I think when this movie had some serious flaws. The setup seemed a little strained. The mother was a little smothering of her own daughter. – I thought the ending was a little confusing as well. She was obviously distraught at being attracted to a married man, and she was obsessed with not letting her daughter become attracted to the Anglo world; but it seems improbable that she would be going to Princeton only a few years later. Especially since she pulled her daughter out of a good school.—————— I know that Indians play Iraqis, Puerto Ricans play Italians, etc. etc. But this story was so quintessentially American (In the Southwest) that it seemed a shame not to cast a Mexican actress. Paz Vegas is a brilliant actress and this was her first English film, but it seemed strained to me because the actress clearly wasn’t Mexican.

  2. cadents says:

    I was under the impression that she left because she was not comfortable with the fact that she was falling in love with a married man

  3. unfrizzy says:

    No, that’s about right. She does fall in love with John, but that isn’t the main underlying reason. Her daughter began to see the families wealth, and benefiting from it also, and Flor knew she would never be able to support her that way. She thought her daughter was more in love with the Clasky’s then with her. Jealousy and pride had a lot to do with her leaving.

  4. vicecomes says:

    I think it was more of the girl turning into something the mom didn’t want taking the Clasky’s lifestyle for grantedplus she wasn’t going to work for the family anymore because of the feelings between her and sandler, and they were the reason her kid got the scholarship to the private school