Essay question need help on the scarlet letter!?

Many great works of literature make use of symbolism to enhance a reader’s understanding of the plot or to reveal important themes. This is certainly true of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s nineteenth century masterpiece, The Scarlet Letter, in which the dominant symbol is clearly the letter "A" itself. In a well-developed essay, discuss three other symbols in the novel and a theme associated with each. Be sure not to simply provide a topic; rather, the theme should represent the lesson that the author is trying to impart to his audience.

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  1. lumpens says:

    The Scarlet Letter (the A) went from meaning adultery to able to angel.The forest and the wilderness are powerful symbols.In addition, Pearl is a symbol.I’ve linked Shmoop below which has a great analysis under the Literary Devices area.

  2. donought says:

    Pearl, Hester’s daughter, represents the shame she has for committing adultery and the love that remains in her nonetheless.The letter also symbolizes shame, but it’s embroidery emcompasses Hester’s pride in committing something she believed was for love and for the strength she has in bearing the weight of shame from the townspeople.Hester’s husband also symbolizes that which keeps one from true love.

  3. vindicatorily says:

    I don’t think you are gonna find anyone to write you an essay. Here are some sites tho that might help….. [external link] hope this helps!