What is the theme of To Kill A Mockingbird?–PLEASE?

For Honors English I need to write a writing assignment on theme anaylisis of To Kill A Mockingbird.This is what they ask for:Write an essay in which you explain what you think the main theme of the book is. Begin with a strong thesis statement and then support your ideas with evidence from the text. Your writing is expected to be organized into well-developed paragraphs. I've heard that the theme is: Loss of Innocence, but I dont understand that, if it is true.Please, if you are kind enough to write an outline of the essay (like this):Thesis StatementSupporting Idea1-evidence-evidence-evidenceSupporting Idea 2-evidence-evidence-evidenceSupporting Idea 3-evidence-evidence-evidencePlease.. I really need your guys's help!Best answer goes to the ones who write in the format above... if you cant.. ple write somethingTHANKS! :)

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  1. editada says:

    No, we are not going to do all of the this.You’ve asked us to do the research, the analysis, and the high-level organization.The point of this assignment is to get *you* to practice these skills.If you have trouble with those main points, I strongly recommend that you go to one of the summary sites, such as CliffNotes.com and SparkNotes.com, where they do much of this on your behalf. See how it works, extract the parts that match your impressions of the book, and write your paper from there.Once you’ve done as much as you can on your own, once you’ve performed your due diligence as a student, *then* come back here and let us know where you’re stuck. So far, you haven’t bothered; it’s not fair to ask us to do work that you’re capable of doing.So hit those sites, give it a good shot, and then ask us for help when you get Good and Truly stuck. *That* part, we can do pretty well here.

  2. roamed says:

    Well, nobody can do your homework for you in its entirety!There are many themes in To kill a mocking bird: racism, prejudice, loss of innocence*, courage, violence, stereotypes, social class, loss of innocence*, childhood, standing up for yourself/following the crowd…There are probably more. In your essay, it sounds as though you’re supposed to discuss these different themes, are prioritize, choose which is the most important theme and why. You’ll have to discuss how the writer conveys these themes, and explain why the theme you’ve selected as most important is so. Remember that To kill a mockingbird is a book full of symbols — little events in the story are metaphors for key messages that the writer wants to convey. For example, when Scout and Jem make a snowman, they make it out of mud (which is dark coloured) and then cover it in snow. When the white snow melts, the black mud is left behind; it’s a metaphor for the fact that whatever colour your skin is, we’re all the same on the inside. If you strip away the superficial issue of skin colour, the soul, the person on the inside is just the same. That fits in with the themes of racism and morality. ‘Loss of innocence’ = In English, when a theme is put in front of you, it’s up to you how you interpret that theme. Of course, there are wrong answers, but there is no such thing as a concrete “right” answer in English literature. For loss of innocence, you need to look at events in the book which show a character who has done/experienced something that taints their former innocence. Hint, hint: Mayella Ewell. She was an (albeit uneducated and abused, unfortunately) innocent young woman. Then she lies, accusing Tom Robinson of raping her. That’s a massive loss of innocence. Atticus, in his speech in court, talks about how he pities Mayella, but he can’t condone her lying. You could even go on to talk about the reasons, the motives, behind why people loose their innocence, why they do the wrong thing, and how it’s presented in the book. For loss of innocence, another way you might want to look at it is through Jem, Dill and Scout, particularly Jem, who grow up a lot through the novel, and through Tom’s trial especially. Here, you wouldn’t be looking at “innocence” in the sense of, a character who goes from innocence to sinning. You’d be looking at “innocence” in the sense of, being ignorant to wrongs and injustices of the world, being niave, to discovering the harsh reality and becoming more cynical and wary. Hint: Jem. He is so incredibly confidant that Tom will be aquitted (because he is, of course, innocent, and that would be justice); Jem is idealistic and young. Then Tom is convicted, and Jem realises that the world isn’t fair; justice isn’t always done. He matures and awakens to reality. This also links in with the theme of growing up. Good luck. I can’t do any more of your homework haha! Just one thing: be sure to choose good, specific quotes that really illustrate your point, and explain it. Make a firm conclusion; why is the theme that you’ve chosen more important than others? Why is that the one theme, the one notion, that readers should take away with them after having read this novel?Well, good luck again.

  3. preaccumulation says:

    Wow you expect far too much. The main theme is really about judging people, miss-judging people and doing the right thing… the context is about growing up and becoming aware.