Can you put brackets inside of brackets?

Eg:When your using a computer (Whether it be one of an essay (which it usually is) or something personal) you need to consider certain possibilities.A weak example but i just thought it up on the spot. Now is that acceptable. If not what would be?Thanks!

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2 Responses to “Can you put brackets inside of brackets?”

  1. UIGIS-L says:

    In math you can do that but in language (English) it is considered poor style. You can use other forms of punctuation within your brackets to separate out your ideas or create a hierarchy, the most common being commas or a dash.

  2. unexpedited says:

    you can have a doubly parenthetical phrase, but it tends to be complicated to do that. It is better to write things in an alternative way that avoids the possible confusion. I wouldn’t consider it agrammatical, just less than ideal. I will admit to sometimes doing that.