How much have i changed over the years?

for my college admissions essay i have to write about changei was wondering how much change you can see in me from 6th grade to 12th gradei can't find any pics from 6th grade so i had to take a picture from the yearbook6th grade: [external link] 'current=032.jpg12th grade: [external link] 'current=fgh.jpg

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8 Responses to “How much have i changed over the years?”

  1. lowrie says:

    a lot! girl you are pretty!

  2. pue-gilc says:

    Yooou aaare sooo daaaamn hot!

  3. trimargarin says:

    why would you name your picture super sexy?

  4. GWENN says:

    Tons :) haha, you look more grown up now, obviously and your look has changed heaps, your face is more slender and you look more petit. i dont know what else…. Oh and your gorgeous :) xx

  5. Zapotec says:

    I don’t think your college will care about your physical change…. i would just write about what they want to hear: how much you’ve matured (getting a job, becoming independent), how you discovered what you want to do with your life (this may be harder to write about if your undecided), or how you once hated going to school but now value a good education (go on to describe why

  6. Nimrodize says:

    I guess you now have a more sophisticated look. You had you hair in a perm, and you’ve gotten rid of that. If it were not for the black lines under your eyes, you’ve grown up quite nicely.

  7. hengst says:

    ummmmm if that is you gosh you look asian in the second picture and it doesnt even look like your first one and well idk i guess you changed alot

  8. linfield says:

    omg ur just askin dis question 4 people 2 say u look pretty u think dat 2 y would u name ur pics sexy dats so gay