Do I have a good chance at being accepted to UCSD?

I'm a senior in high school this year, white and male, I'm also a full IB Diploma student, I'm working on my eagle project right now as well too, I'm involved in the science club, my planned major is biochemistry, I have 5 years of science in high school, 3 of them were IB sciences, my average GPA is about 4.1 maybe a little higher, and I'm bringing it up even more this semester, I'm great at writing and plan on making a killer essay to send in, and I'm aiming for an 1800 on my SAT scores and I'm taking the Chemistry and math II subject test this fall. Does this seem like I have a really good chance of getting in? I'm just doubting myself and UCSD is my dream school and my best friend is going there as well. It's just such a perfect fit. Oh and I live in California so it will be in state. All advice is appreciated and I would love even more ideas for the finishing touches on my high school career! Oh and I have taken/am taking the MOST rigorous classes possible at my school. I'm really freaking out that I won't get in and I'm psycho myself as I'm busy and stressed and going into freak out mode and I really want to there with my best friend and he's from Germany and everything is confusing and making me spas out. Also, I work at a clinic to help teens, and I got a part time job at a pizza place to try and save money up for college, it's extremely tough balancing everything but I'm managing really well, and my grades are going to be soooo good this last semester. I have a 5.000 right now, and it will stay that way unless there's a nuclear war! But do colleges take the first semester of senior year and add it to your overall GPA? I hope they do because it will raise it tremendously.Please please give me cold hard advice and feedback! Thank you!

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  1. SUNNY says:

    Your chances are very low with a high school weighted GPA of 4.1 and SAT score of 1800. Your essay and extracurricular activity won’t matter one bit to make up for your low GPA and test scores. If you don’t live in San Diego county, your chances will be even lower, since you won’t qualify for eligibility in the local context. You need to calculate your UC GPA and your index score: [external link] .…You have to start calculating your UC GPA with your unweighted HS GPA for A-G subjects in your sophomore and junior years only, then add up to 8 points, one point for each honors course during those years. Your UC GPA determines the minimum score required for your SAT and SAT subject tests.