Biology Essay Help will rate you best?

Choose one plant and one animal and write a paper that includes both. In your paper, discuss the following: * general (common) name of your plant/animal and taxonomic species name of your plant/animal * type of plant/animal (phylum it falls under; plant—vascular or nonvascular; animal—invertebrate, chordate, or vertebrate) * brief description (physical characteristics; habitat(s); eating habits, if applicable) * reproduction method(s) * economic significanceAs a conclusion for your paper, decide which of your organisms, in your opinion, is most important to life on Earth. Explain your reasons.Please write in form that I can simply copy and paste will rate you 5 star:)

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  1. overindulge says:

    are you serious? Do it yourself… No one will waste their time writing an essay for you… If you have someone write an essay for you, you don’t learn anything.This essay looks really simple and i bet a 3rd grader could do it.Just pick an animal and a plant and research it….Ex. for animal: Red fox (common name) and whatever its scientific name is(which you can google). The phylum is whatever(once again, google), it is a vertebrate (no duh!). Red fox are a type of fox, eat various animals, plants, etc. and whatever else you are required. Reproduce sexually and are important in the ecosystem due to food chain. This is basically an outline and i filled it in within 2 minutes without any help except common sense. I bet you could do it for another animal or plant within 30 minutes…Learn to do your own work