Need help with this philosophy of religion issue/response?

Below you will find a passage that relates to issues that we have talked about in class. I would like you to write a 400-500 word essay (single spaced) in which you: 1- Identify the issue and explain the controversy behind the issue.Note: Remember that an issue is a statement of the controversy. So in order to identify the issue, you must also identify and explain the controversy. 2- Respond to the issue that you have identified. Your response should incorporate fundamental course concepts and those concepts need to be explained clearly. Passage:Jahweh has proved to be the God of history therefore the god who is really God! Jahweh is the God of history, for he, through his prophets, has shown that he understands the meaning of history, that he knows the past and the future, the beginning and the end. And in having shown this, he has shown that he makes history; that it is he who has raised up Cyrus, the destroyer of the world powers, and the liberator of the remnants of the Jewish nation.I just need help with the first part, because it is confusing to me.

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  1. Gallinula says:

    Where to begin?…Jahweh (i.e., YHWH) is the God of the Hebrews, who were supposedly selected out of all humankind, according to the Hebrews, to the exclusion of all others who had existed prior to said selection, to all others living at said time and to all of those who would live after the supposed selection despite the fact that if YHWH is God, YHWH would have created all that has, does and will exist.Why would God exclude any of Its creation or deliberately create that which It knew (being all knowing) would eventually be eternally damned?God lives in the eternal now, a perpetual present moment which is outside of the limitation of time and space. Hence, god does not make history as history is made by the creation that is bound by the limitation of time and space so as to be temporal in nature.Cyrus believed in Ahurah Mazda, the main god of the Persians at that time and he did not liberate the Hebrews. Rather, he enslaved them and deported those who rebelled against his rule.Cyrus set out to conquer the then known world and did not by subjugating the people of every nation he came across by military means.His son, Xerxes, followed in his father’s footsteps trying to take those nations his father failed to take and, like his father was stopped by the Greeks.There is also no letter “J” in Hebrew.shalom.

  2. mroczek says:

    The controversy is that the passage is talking about how history proves Jahweh exists. So i think you should start by talking about how the controversy lies in the assumption that is proven and that it is the christian/judeo god. second you should criticize the argument since it is a bad one so talk about how all the reasons listed there dont really prove jahweh