What do you make of this essay question?

Im not quite sure how to interpret this question and the best way of answering it can you help?The question is: How far do recorded crime rates show how much crime occurs in society? Please help. THANK YOU ALL X

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7 Responses to “What do you make of this essay question?”

  1. puttext says:

    To what extent do recorded crime rates accurately reflect the amount of crime that occurs in society?

  2. Ingush says:

    Studying and introduction to the social sciences with the OU?[=Me to ahahI havent even started my essay =/x Report Abuse

  3. newsman says:

    umm… I guess you just have to work out the amount of times crime occurs in society looking at a table of crime rates… otherwise… I wouldn’t have a clue… lol

  4. unintermarrying says:

    are reported crimes an actual show of crimes that are commited?

  5. partnam says:

    thats a good 1. could be looked at a lot of ways.people who commit a crime are not always caught could be one view.another could be places with high crime rates have less crime then others because the people committing the crime would rather do it in a place where they are less likely to get caughtif u ask me, i would go with the first. many rapes/murders/robberies have not been resolved and many surprisingly not even reported. so i would say that crime rate recordings are not valid in depicting the actual crime that goes on in that area.

  6. veilmaker says:

    It means to see how far back (in years) the records show. eg. all the way back to 1920?How many years were recorded

  7. eklundh says:

    Seems to me like you need to examine how recorded crime does not really show actual crime with cases that are normally not reported, like rape etc.