Clever title for steroid paper?

I just wrote a persuasive essay over the use of anabolic steroids and their affects on MLB players. I need a clever title to catch the reader's attention. Any suggestions?

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9 Responses to “Clever title for steroid paper?”

  1. demitted says:

    Jose Canseco: Godfather of Baseball’s Steroid Era

  2. pantalgia says:

    To juice or not to juice?

  3. lickpenny says:

    Why Enzyte set up shop in the Yankee clubhouse.

  4. earns says:

    Jenna Juices the facts on Steroids

  5. shelfpiece says:

    Fruit Still Makes the Best Juice(because steroids are commonly called “the juice”

  6. meggett says:

    Change the subtitle to anabolic steroids and their Effects on MLB players.Make sure you footnote the Mitchell report every time you cite to it or copy from it. also, same for Canseco’s book. Also, check the congressional record for a transcript of the 3/17/05 hearing on steroids in major league catchy title though

  7. makeboo says:

    athletes little friends- kind of a pun on little friends being steroids and also testicular atrpohy

  8. holour says:

    Get pumped!Pumped upI’m going to pump you upPump it upHope I’ve helped…

  9. cyclistic says:

    The Wrong Roid to Travel