Explanations for this quote.?

Hi, I'm typing an essay and I would like your explanations on this quote."Beer companies have been notorious for exploiting women in their everyday promotions. Watching a football game, you can usually find an attractive young lady being swept off her feet by a less than attractive man after he opens the beer of his choice."Thanks. (:

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  1. dzelate says:

    Have you seen many beer commercials without beautiful women? The advertising is attempting to create an association. A notorious example of this was Spuds McKenzie, a fairly ugly dog who was featured in advertising for some generic American Fizzy Beer. In the commercials Spuds was always seen partying with beautiful women and the sponsor’s beer. The association was clear: The ugly dog drinks that kind of beer and beautiful women fall all over him. Men watching are willing to believe that they are at least as good looking as the ugly dog, so the reason that they don’t have half-naked models in their lives must be that they aren’t drinking the right beer.