Whats a good title for my report?

my persuassive essay is about how the lunch lines are too long and how there should be more options on how to get your lunch alot quicker. what is a good creative title for my report any suggestions?the most creative title gets 10 points.

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8 Responses to “Whats a good title for my report?”

  1. speciate says:

    The bored and the hungry

  2. RICK says:

    Well typically a title is supposed to summerize the papers main idea in 10-12 words. But thats only if you want an actual essay title. It dosnt always need to be creative to be good.

  3. melitur says:

    Leaving the Lunch Line Behind: Do You Want Fries with That?

  4. wraprascal says:

    Hurry Up and WaitBut that really only works if you have to hurry during a limited lunch break, and are held up by long lines. This indicates bad scheduling.

  5. dynode says:

    hmmmmm…….Lunch Lines:Wait of Doomlol!ORHaving more timeOrGetting their quickerjust some ideas=]]

  6. somaticovisceral says:

    the line of eternal starvation… lol

  7. proteus says:

    how about..lunch line traffic :D

  8. pendulum says:

    Lunch line: A wait of hunger