What is beauty to you?

im doing an essay about beauty & what is beauty?im specifaclly writing about what is beautiful in different countries.ex: Eastern Uganda- fat is beauty Muslim cultures - Hijab/Veil is beauty Asian Cultrue: in Thailand having fair skin, & wearing rings around your neck. Getting the fold surgery as well.What are your guys ideas. '' what would be a good intro that would relate to what im writing?

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  1. ascetta says:

    tan skinskinnybig boobsbig buttblonde hairblue eyes

  2. dismemberments says:

    Beauty to me is not only how the person looks like but is how they are and the way they make you feel ,,the way the act to other ppl that what beauty is to me

  3. faience says:

    what shelby said

  4. tentacular says:

    Beauty to me is the certain details that I notice in people, like someone with pretty eyes, or whose voice is almost musical. Also, personality affects a person’s beauty, making the nicer people having more beauty.When I saw you question, I thought of the quote, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” So, maybe you could use that for a hook in your intro. Also, in you intro, be sure to mention that your writing about how beauty differs from country to country.

  5. unreformedness says:

    big boobsbig buttblonde hairblue eyes