Essay for math? help?

my teacher gave me this prompt and i dont understand how you do this:You won a thousand dollars at a school raffle.You must spend all of the money and you have 24 hours to achieve this task.Your only requirements are as follows:1) You must keep a record of how you spend the money.2) You cannot spend more than 33 1/3% on any one item.3) You must spend at least 12.5% on a charitable cause.4) You must spend all of the money and account... for every dollar indicating the % represented by each item.5) You must have an introduction and a conclusion.okk so i need someone to give me an example of an item and the thing about the %, lets say that im going to buy a computer but how do you do the % and the thing about the charitable cause?!?!? please help me! can you show me the math?im confused, you dont have to add the tax... this assigment is due on monday ... ohh and can someone give me ideas of what kind of story should i make? I WILL GIVE 10 POINTS!

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    Calm down. I think you’re making this harder than it is.What is 33 1/3 of 1000? Surely you can figure that out.Now what is 12.5% of 1000Subtract those amounts from $1000, and you know what you have left to spend.You can do it!