Homework/essay question. help asap !?

okay sohere it is. Imagine that both the Jamestown and the Plymouth colonies had not succeeded. What would be different ? Would the Spanish have colonized more of America? Would the french have taken the lead in colonial settlements? blah blah blah. thats all i really need. <3 i'lll love you forever.

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  1. Agapornis says:

    Well if jamestown and the plymouth colonies had not flourished, then what would of most likely happened was the french/spanish would have taken the land and split it up. The french had the louisiana territory and the spanish had florida and areas surrounding, so my guess would have been that the spanish would have taken the entire east coast from florida to maybe about modern day new york city, up to about syracuse/albany, and the french would have taken the rest-because the french did have modern day canada aswell, thus making the louisiana territory going west theirs, and louisiana going north and cutting through new york and into maine theirs aswell.

  2. kvasses says:

    Look at your notes and figure out what DID change because of the Jamestown and Plymouth colonies and then ask yourself what would have happened if that change hadn’t occured.