Will I get into UC Berkeley?

I have a 4.38 weighted, 4.0 unweighted and I'm halfway through junior year. Here's the kicker; I'm probably about to get two Bs, and I'm not counting on getting an A in AP Calc AB next year. I will have taken 8/9 APs by senior year, a 5 on AP World, 2150 in one sitting for the SATs, 2200 if taken from each section. Also, two honors classes, and peer teaching for AP World. Hopefully I will also be a peer counselor. I am VP of Spanish club, Secretary of Key Club, Co-Publications Manager of CSF (running for VP this year), Secretary of History Club, Running for Co-President of NHS, starting a club soon, member of Drama Club.Involved in Science Olympiad (and helped to plan the event), Math League, my high school's Science Institute, and hopefully Academic Decathalon this year. Assistant Director for spring play, Assistant at tennis camp, counselor at volleyball camp, played Frosh and JV Volleyball, NCVA club for 5 years. Freshman orientation counselor. Various other community service projects. Work at Hospital in Jr. Auxiliary and local library. Churchgoer. 306 hrs comm service, likely to be 400-500 by graduation. Distinguished community service, honor roll, got into an American Legion environmental camp by essay application, won Veterans of Foreign Wars essay contest locally. Taking classes at local community college over summer if I don't get into UC Davis's COSMOS program. I know I have enough extracurriculars, and I can write a really good essay, but I know Berkeley is all about the numbers and I may not make valedictorian.

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4 Responses to “Will I get into UC Berkeley?”

  1. Myzostoma says:

    You are already accepted.

  2. noninhabitable says:

    You can get in. If you are living in California, I would bet my life you get in. If not, you still have a good shot. And also they don’t freshman year at the UC’s, I dont know if that will affect you or not.

  3. quijada says:

    dont be silly, of course you willyou can do anything you wantyou can also get a job and get accepted into berkely after going to another college for a couple of weeks, you can transfer

  4. subdeaconship says:

    i think you might, especially if you are a CA resident