What are some things slave holders used to make slaves think themselves inferior + prevent them running away?

this is for an essay i have to write... im already writing a pragraph on how they instilled fear in the slaves and whipped them and treated them like animals and stuff but i need more ideas for other ways they manipulated them to make them feel inferior...? pleese help

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  1. Sphecoidea says:

    They denied them education they could not read or write.

  2. snowfowl says:

    Well you can still see the remnants of the tactics used today.For example: Preventing slaves access to education, denying them freedom of expression, denial of their right to vote. Convincing them that they are more brawn than brain. Separation of the family unit, Denial of adequate housing, and clothes, Denial of proper and appropriate health care. Eradication of their native tongue. Brain washed them with ideas of Christianity, and a white Savior. These are very effective tactics. You may take the angle of what did slave owners have to do to maintain their belief in their superiority. How did they reconcile Christianity with slavery. That must have taken some serious denial, and brain washing. Consider also that slave owners believed that the slaves were happy and better off as slaves. I hope that helps. They were not slave holders. They were slave owners. Slaves were property like horses, and wagons. Don’t be afraid to tell it like it is. Even the Romans’s had slaves. However, their slaves had rights. It was against the law to kill your slave in Rome. American had the purist form of slavery. Good luck with your essay

  3. squamulate says:

    They weren’t allowed to read and were told the reason for this was because they lacked the intelligence to do so. The real reason for not allowing slaves to read was to keep them from gaining information and knowledge and finding a way to escape. They were also not allowed to congregate in groups other than church on Sunday. So slaves started putting code messages into their Sunday hymns about escaping. There are many old slave songs that have a double meaning, one being about God and the other about the details of a well planned escape. EDIT:Some slaves were also not given shoes, not even in the winter when it snowed. This also prevented them from running away. All food that they were given was the parts of the animal that the master and his family wouldn’t eat, like pig intestines. In a documentary that I saw, that I would suggest you watch as a source for your paper, called Unchained Memories, a slave in an interview said that their food was placed in a pig trough and that all of the people and children had to eat from it like animal. They had no plates or utensils.

  4. chresards says:

    So you’ve covered beatings and fear of death, also hungry. Also no education.

  5. noahdic says:

    There were many slave revolts but most just got used to the lifestyle..

  6. transept says:

    with food no dinner for their family