PDF link on Microsoft Word?

I'm trying to get a successful PDF link onto Microsoft word for an essay but it's been unsuccessful and I'm ready to pull my hair out. How can I do this? I already try hyperlink and it keeps saying 'make a selection' when i click 'ctrl' and the link. please help!

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  1. glenvcr says:

    Select the text that you want attributed to the hyperlink > R click > click HYPERLINK > under LOOK IN select the main folder > use the middle screen (between LOOK IN and ADDRESS) to browse and select the pdf file > with the chosen file selected in the middle screen (and confirming the path in the ADDRESS display box) > click – OK. The text that you originally selected on the WORD document will show in blue to indicated that it is now a hyperlink. Note: This link will only work if the link is still correct. (e.g. if you email your essay to someone who doesn’t have the hyperlinked file within the attributed path that you’ve saved the link will no longer be valid).