Please help me with my chemistry or explain to me?

The mid-1970s brought a big controversy in the scientific world concerning the use and misuse of propellants in aerosol dispensers. Some scientists felt that aerosol chemicals sprayed into the atmosphere would destroy the ozone (O3) layer enveloping the earth.When a typical chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), such as Freon (CCl3F), reaches the height of the ozone layer, the energy of ultraviolet rays from the sun can cleave individual chlorine atoms from the molecule. These highly reactive atoms are then able to react with the ozone (O3) found in abundance in the stratosphere. The following chemical reactions characterize the ozone destroying process:Cl + O3 → ClO + O2 followed by ClO + O → Cl + O2Two things should be noted here. First, in cleaving the first ozone molecule, a very reactive atomic oxygen is produced which immediately reacts with the hypochlorite product of the first reaction. This releases the original reactive chlorine, which is then free to destroy another ozone molecule! So the cycle continues.Do further research on this photo-reactive process and then write a five paragraph essay on the pros and cons of the controversy of using chlorofluorocarbons as aerosol propellants. Include and cite recent scientific findings and explain why the ozone layer is so critical to our existence.

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    So what is your question? The mechanism they have provided has been well documented. Plenty of material on the internet.The only place in our biosphere these chemicals can be broken down, is in the ozone layer. So every molecule released to the atmosphere, will go there and do damage. HCHCs can be absorbed into the biome, as can chloromethane (produced by both Man and Nature).There is no longer a controversy, and has not been since the 1980s. Just a few “klingons” that think Dupont’s patents ran out 20 – 30 years later than they actually did.There was no surface life anywhere on Earth, until oxygen was added to the atmosphere, and ozone formed. The UV-B that our Sun makes, and the ozone layer protects us from, destroys DNA. This creates cataracts and cancer, reduces crop yields, and destroys arable land (by sterilizing the soil).Can you start with that?