Are personal statements really optional? (10 points)?

If you decide not to complete a personal statement will it lower your chances of admission? I am applying for Virginia Tech. and I want to know if my chance will be lowered if I do not complete the personal statement. Virginia Tech does not have an essay by the way. Thanks in advance.

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3 Responses to “Are personal statements really optional? (10 points)?”

  1. ctetology says:

    They are optional but I don’t know too many people that wouldn’t write one. The people that look at your application will look at thousands and thousands of applications, a personal statement is how you will get them to choose YOU as the student they want out of all those applicants. It it how you tell them things about yourself that your application and transcripts won’t, things that will make you a better representation of their educational institution. Without a personal statement you are just another application in a stack, and a name without a personality. To say your chances will be hurt is an understatement, however it doesn’t rule you out completely. If you have a stellar GPA and some advanced classes or AP classes and some diverse extracurricular activities that you were regularly involved in, then you can skip a personal statement. but unless you can dazzle them with what is on the transcript you should write a statement.

  2. paludose says:

    it will greatly lower your chances. your personal statement is where you show that you are interested in what you are doing and that you are a good candidate. i urge you to write one.

  3. monocarpal says:

    Well, if you’re applying to Virginia Tech and they don’t require an essay why should this even matter. They don’t require one, but it’s optional….is that what you’re saying.