A question about accessing files on a two computer hard drive on my laptop?

So my computer busted, I don't know exactly what's wrong with it but I have an idea (The screen won't come on even though it's all connected, I think the place the power cord connects to is broken or something. This is because my Dad and my little sisters sometimes accidentally stepped on the power cord while it was connected to my TV and it turned off).I do plan on taking it to PC World to get it fixed. That is when I get the time.In the meantime I have a 1000GB Hard Drive just sitting around wasted, most of the space is free and the theirs nothing wrong with the drive as far as I'm aware. I also have my previous computers hard drive (500GB). That computer is about 3-4 years old and totally busted. The drive however is fine. I think both are Sata drives but I'll have to check on that just to make sure, if that is necessary information to provide an accurate answer please let me know. It feels such a waste not to use them. My computer that I plan on getting fixed doesn't allow more than one drive to be connected so I couldn't connect the other drive to it. I've heard that theirs a USB thing where you can connect a computer hard drive to a laptop and access the files on it and download files onto it. So a second hard drive for my laptop and even a third.Now I'm not that great with computers, I'm a noob basically. So if anything I've said is way off base just correct me and let me know. Isit even possible to use those drives as second and third drives on my laptop via a USB thing(don't know what its called)? Would I be able to access files and put files onto them? Would it be extremely slow or normal speed. And if their is such a gizmo that makes it possible to use computer hard drives and connect through a USB port to a laptop where can I find it. I'd actually like a link to where it's on sale, I live in the UK and if you know any shops where they sell what I'm asking about that would be greatly appreciated to. I'd prefer a website such as ebay etc. with the specific item I'm looking for. If you need more information about my drives etc. I'll be happy to add them as extra detail or email you.Now if there is no such device I'm sorry to have wasted peoples time, I would just really like to put my drives into use and something simple and easy as connecting the drives up to my laptop would be perfect for me.If you take the time to read my essay a thorough answer would be very much appreciated. If you don't know the answer then refrain from answering.Thankyou.

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  1. accouter says:

    Yes, you can use them as external storage – both do sound like they are SATA. The 500GB at 3-4 years old could possibly the old IDE type,as SATA arrived around that time. That’s why I suggested removing them both, rather than just buying the enclosures. Report Abuse

  2. anthroposociologist says:

    Try 2.5″ HDD Enclosures:- [external link] …3.5″ HDD Enclosures:- [external link] …Desktop PCs are usually 3.5″. If you can unscrew them, you certainly can fit them to new external cases – it’s pretty straightforward. Or take them into the store you want to get the cases from and ask if they can fit them for you – its only a 5 minute or less excercise.