This is not a poem. How does it make you feel?

ok guys...i also don't think this would qualify as a poetry per's just an essay or something... so please don't be mean. I'm just asking how you feel about it..."worldling about...staying somewhere...all aloneaway from everyone else. Where all my cares don't have to matter again.When all i sense are...dew drops glistening on grass and petals of colorful wild flowers...sun kissed green meadows...sweet melodic chirping birds..gentle rustling of tree branches and leaves...soft breeze...sparkling water rippling skies...silver linings...slowly turning to a picturesque painted hues of pinks,oranges and purples....and then dancing silhouettes and shadows cast against clad black skies...millions and millions of shimmering lights...twinkling little bright light bulbs...sparse translucent cloud hovers over a fantastic moon...the biggest one I've ever seen...illuminating glorious light for the darkest of night...i reach out and i can almost touch it....softly chirping crickets...lulling my weary soul to a peaceful sleep.."

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4 Responses to “This is not a poem. How does it make you feel?”

  1. suchman says:

    I like it it sounds a great place to be.

  2. impressionalist says:

    Makes me feel like it’s the kind of place I would want to go to with my significant other for the weekend. If it’s how you truly feel, it sounds like you need an escape from the human race for awhile.

  3. gullion says:

    exelent poeme!…

  4. glut says:

    its nice it really makes you think