How do I type this in MLA format?

I've looked at the guidelines on Purdue Owl, but I can't figure out two things. First off, my essay does not have (or need) a title. How will I start it after my header? Do I just go straight to writing it? Also, I have to make references to the book we read (Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald). Do I underline the title, italicize the title, or put it in quotation marks? Do I have to reference the author within the essay? And since the book will be my only source for the essay, do I have to cite it in a works cited page? This is for my AP English literature and composition class, and the essay is due tomorrow. Quick and clear answers are appreciated. Also, I will be emailing this to my teacher, rather than giving him a hard copy, if that helps at all with answers.

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  1. protoglobulose says:

    Ok, so if you are typing in MLA format, you have to have a title. That’s how MLA works. If your teacher is telling you otherwise, then they are wrong. (I have an MLA, so yes, I do know how this works). If your teacher doesn’t want a title, then just start your essay on the next double spaced line, removing the line for the title that you should have. Also, for the title of the book, you will put it in Italics (since you are typing it), though underlining is acceptable (though italics is your best bet). You generally use underlining when you are handwriting something, and quotes are used for articles, not books. And yes, if you are following proper MLA format, you have to cite it in the works cited page (it’s a book, so it should be pretty simple – just use the OWL for that.).Hope this helps!

  2. sloughier says:

    You should underline the title. Press enter after you finish your heading and then begin typing your essay. You must reference the author with a work cited page and (First word in title page number) after every time you use something out of the book.