Essay Title!?

Ugh! I hate doing essay titles, but i have to. I'm doing an essay on puppy mills, and I need a rreeaalllyyy catchy titles. LIke, "the other face of myspace" or sumthing catchy like that.

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  1. Dionysiacal says:

    [external link] these out maybe?There were a few good ones in there.

  2. semihibernation says:

    I had fun with this one…Puppy Prostitution… story at 6 on Action 19 News! How much is that doggy in the window?… The secrets behind ‘puppy mills’… More after this commercial break.The Bark, The Bite & The Bucks… Puppy Mills Exposed!on the next Maury Povich Show……And they call it Puppy Love! The facts behind ‘puppy mills’.This and others stories in 60 MinutesAKC might soon mean: Any Kind of Canine… Puppy Mills and the breeders who profit. Next on Geraldo..

  3. amylometer says:

    The Dark Side of Puppies

  4. provisionalness says:

    A mill’s best killIn the eyes of a pupIn the eyes of an angel with a tailBehind the eyes of an angel