What do Philosophy courses consist of?

Is it just all essays? I've always disliked most of the arts/humanities, except philosophy, but I just can't stand writing essays.

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  1. sporiparity says:

    Yes, I’m afraid most courses will consist of some sort of essay form evaluation. Although you could take a logic course or two. Formal and symbolic are the two common ones you’d probably see at a standard university. The ones I took did not involve any essays.

  2. proprioceptor says:

    i’ll take a wild stab in the dark one this one, and venture a guess of “philosophy”

  3. koalas says:

    a semester goes like this: anticipation, buy your books, look at them, prof. makes your read them, you take some notes, you take some naps in class, some more notes, a short paper, a long paper, notes, snooze, short paper, long paper, oh crap, i better start paying attention and do better, close to end of semester, snooze, notes, final paper or test, whoa that 3 1/2 months went fast. of course i left out all the reading which is several hours per night.

  4. yedwest says:

    There’ll be lots of essays I’m afraid! It’s reading texts and working out what people are saying, what the argument is.You can strip away the words all together and do formal logic — then there’s no essays, just proofs. It’s like maths, but with symbols instead of numbers.But be warned — it’s harder.Essays are good. You need to know how to write clearly and construct a sound argument. It’s not so hard after a while, and once you’ve done them well in philosophy, every other discipline will be much easier :-)