Insect in my aquarium?

I saw him in there a couple days ago, very vague sketch.. between an essay being due and work i didn't have time to post it while still fresh in my memory.not sure of number of legs, not a ton though. did have tenticle looking things coming from its rear-end. Not sure about off his head.He was walking around, not swimming.. although they can swim a little bit by like squirming, but not very well.He was fairly large for a bug, like maybe a 1/2" [external link] …any ideas/sources that could have my answer? Any help is appreciated! thanks!

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4 Responses to “Insect in my aquarium?”

  1. blunted says:

    If you have live plants,I’m not surprised you got a bug.I had one once and it started feeding on my smaller fish. It was a stick bug. It would spear my fish and then just feed from them. I hadn’t noticed it for quite some time, because it blended in so well with my live plants.It was very thin, had few legs, and had what looked like a slim needle for a mouth. In any event, I’d get rid of it. It cannot be anything good.

  2. complexionist says:

    You either got a mayfly or a dragonfly larvae in your tank. Picture here …. [external link] …I would take them out as dragonfly larvae will eat small fishes.

  3. whiny says:

    You recycled the tank.When washing out your filter, you must wash out little pieces of it in tank water, very slowly over the course of a few months. When washing it all at once you destroy all the benficial bacteria and recycle your tank.Do 1/3 water changes every other day until nitrites are 0. This may only take a few days, or it may last many weeks. Impossible to tell exactly. Visit on [external link] for various aquarium accessories and pet products.

  4. hfhinet says:

    It resembles a common insect found in dirt ( and tends to come inside in fall). in the link below, it resembles the one in the middle correct? [external link] …often eats ants – remove from tank.Best of luck!