4. Where would you look to find an article on recent fashion trends?

Where would you look to find an article on recent fashion trends? A. Readers' Guide B. Who's Who C. Card catalog D. Encyclopedia 5. Once you acquire these two basic skills, you'll be able to transform a vague idea in your mind into a coherent piece of writing. A. Doing interviews and browsing through books B. Describing people and writing conversation C. Using the Internet and the on-line catalog D. Doing research and organizing your ideas 6. A CD-ROM is a compact disk that A. contains stored information that can be read on a computer. B. generates random essay topics. C. allows you to borrow books from any library. D. regulates the Library of Congress.

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    4. None of the above.There are fashion magazines. Start there.5. A.You need to be able to see good writing before you too can do good writing. Interviewiing is a good way to get the info you want to write abou, it is not the only way.Research is more important than Interviewing.Some research is well written, a lot has the facts you need but does not meet standards of academic writing, let alone user-friendly.Finding info on the Internet is important.But you not neccessarily find good writing on the Internet.6-AIt also has other capabilities (not B C D)such as can play musiccan be used for backupscan be used to send information to another computer that is more than will fit in an e-mail or download.