What are my chances of getting into University of Oregon?

GPA; 3.1 (I have to write the essay, I should have it done in a few days, when I will turn in the app"SAT :1830Took a lot of AP courses, the points are already added into the GPA but I still think that counts for somethingEditor of entertainment for school newspapercamp counselor/ community serverlive in Californiaplease be honest

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  1. semiring says:

    I think that you have a high chance of getting into Oregon University.The high SAT score, AP classes, And the Extra curricular activities that you do.You are a shoein for a spot in Oregon University.

  2. urinoscopic says:

    Its 95% you’ll get in, dont worry, you are well within what Oregon wantsApply to CU Boulder just in case though, youll def get into one of the 2

  3. scheduler says:

    You’re in good shape. According to the Collegeboard site, your SAT scores would make you roughly a 75 percentile applicant, however your GPA is lower than the median GPA. It’s harder to get in because you’re from out-of-state. This is a guess, but I’d say 50-60%?Check this page for good objective info on U Oregon: [external link] …I’m doing my best to not mislead you by giving an overly optimistic assessment. I don’t think any of us would really know for sure unless we worked on the Oregon board of admissions.