The generall history of virginia question!?!?!?!?!?

PLEASE HELP ME WITH THAS MANY OF THESE QUESTIONS AS YOU CANthese are all questions from "the generall history of virginia" by john smith-at the end of john smiths account, he has a narrow escape, he also has some possitive experiences that convince him to stay in virginia, in a short essay describe his narrow escape and cite at least 2 reasons why he decides to stay-JUST GIVE ME AN ANSWER TO THE QUESTION I DONT EXPECT YOU TO WRITE AN ESSAY :b-in the Generall history of virginia, Johns smiths captors are impressed by certain features of his compass, name 3 facts that they were probably unaware of untill he showed them this instrument.-John smith makes a claim that "everything of worth is found full of difficulties" explain what you think john makes about this statement, then explain how this statement applies to both jamestown colonist and the pilgrims, finally offer your own oppnion about smiths idea, and explain why you feel as you do-explain why john smith was not killed and the possible value that chief Powhatan percieved in him, cite details from the general history of virginia to suport your premiseseven if you could just do one i would really apperciate it, BEST answer to whoever can help me out :)

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    John Smith wasn’t killed because, as portrayed in the Disney movie, Pocahontas placed her head upon his to keep Chief Powhatan from bashing his skull in with the rock. So the chief sent Smith into some for of empty shelter in the woods alone. He then returned two days later, pledging friendship and demanding that Smith grant them “two great guns and a grindstone”. But once we returned to Jamestown, he was still accused by them as causing the deaths of the two men Robinson and Embry that had been traveling with him before he was captured by the Indians. Such a complicated, boring story. I can hardly understand what he’s saying. I wish I could do more.