How do i write a self reflective essay?

This is for my Journalism Course in the university of greenwich. Here is the assignment description:Self reflective essay. Discussion of a theme or themes rather than a simple narrative. Evidence of critical engagement with class based activities and assignments. Evidence of individual research and extra curricular activities with the subject.I don'tt really understand what my lecturer wants and he never replies my emails (i mean they're supposed to help us out!). So i hope one of you guys can help out with this. im totally stuck. and this is due next week. yeah left it to the last minute only coz i had other work to finish up with :'(Anyway id like to hear your ideas. Thank you.

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  1. incremation says:

    A self-reflective essay is about your opinion about a particular subject, and in your case is journalism. It can be written in response to a novel, a movie, a course or a prompt. Research is not necessary for writing this type of essay. The only preparation needed is reading or viewing the subject of the paper.For a a bullet point guide to writing a self-reflective essay, please follow this link: [external link] …

  2. lactoses says:

    I live in Greenwich =]Well, self-reflective is all about you – so instead of writing a narrative to do with yourself you need to discuss themes. So overall talk about the subtexts of life like love, fear etc. as opposed to telling the story.