Help me begin my essay with an interesting sentence?

i'm writing an essay based on the book Night by Elie Weisel. the essays on how the main character changes throughtout the book. the book is a real life story about the authors past. He was 15 when the holocaust occured and he was forced into labor camps, abused, and he lost his family. how should i start my beginning sentence with? i need an attention grabbing sentence. thanks

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  1. salvy says:

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  2. rentner says:

    “How would you feel if your entire family died and there was nothing you could do about it?”

  3. solitaire says:

    How about…HEY, LOOK AT THIS!orOUCH!Then launch into your paper…I promise the teacher will read the whole thing all the way through if you do that.

  4. conarium says:

    “Starvation, death, all the tortures of the Holocaust bring one young man from an optomistic child, to a traumatised adult in one brief moment in time.”Or something to that extent. An amazing book though. Depressing, but life changing.

  5. ruchbah says:

    Maybe not for the beginning, but you can use it farther or at the end:”Don’t ask where the God was then. Ask: where was a human?”.”People did it to people.”Or – a citation from polish poet, Różewicz:”I am 24I survivedbeing taken to be executedThese are empty and clear wordsman and animallove and hateredenemy and frienddarkness and lightMan is being killed like an animalI sawchopped peoplewho won’t be savedThe terms are just words:virtue and crimetruth and liebeauty and uglynessbe brave and be afraidThe same value is in virtue and crimeI sawa man being at the same timebad and goodI am looking for a teacher and masterto bring back my ability to see hear and talkto name once again things and termsto divide light and darknessI am 24I survivedbeing taken to be executed”

  6. fujimaki says:

    Well if he was in a labor camp age 15. He be thinking of food.