MYP Personal Project Ideas?

So I'm in Year 10 and we have this MYP Project we have to do, which is VERY crucial to our passing the year. You can pretty much do anything you want with the project (produce a fashion show, write an essay, present a photo exhibition, write a novel, etc etc). I was thinking about writing a novel, because I am very interested in writing. But that's not very original. Does anyone have any ideas for my project? I am interested in fashion, writing, and cooking (NOT baking). I really need help. :P x

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  1. primogenitive says:

    A novel can be quite original depending on the story you would like to write. Though, with your interests, why not make a cook book? Gather your favorite recipes or ideas, make it, take pictures, write a review on the dish and then assemble it all together in a scrapbook type providing your descriptive write up, the pictures and recipes. You could also attempt to put a spin on it, for example remove one of your senses in the description, so don’t actually write about how it looks, tastes, or smells.

  2. planispherical says:

    May I ask about the fashion show? I would like to know where that idea came from, you see, I did the “Trashy Fashion Show” as my personal project, and received really high marks for it. Then the IB guys came over and wanted to use my project as an examplar. Report Abuse